Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Links to other articles

Following are links to the articles I wrote for Des Plaines Patch.

10/31/2010The Des Plaines Theatre's First RebirthMissing
11/7/2010Space Age Littelfuse Crashes Back to Earth
11/9/2010An Exclusive First Look at the Des Plaines TheatreMissing
11/14/2010Wright in MaineMissing
11/21/2010Welcome to the First: The First National Bank BuildingMissing
11/27/2010Yesterday's Shopping in Des Plaines - Spiegler'sMissing
12/5/2010Cooling Down with Cock Robin Ice CreamMissing
12/12/2010The choo-choo, The Little Restaurant That Could
12/20/2010The Old First National Bank on Miner Street
12/25/2010Amling's ToylandMissing
1/2/2011The Thoma House HotelMissing
1/9/2011The C.W.M. Brown BuildingMissing
1/16/2011Des Plaines' First Movie TheatersMissing
1/23/2011The Gillespie Printery Building (Bremer's Stationers)Missing
1/30/2011Des Plaines State BankMissing
2/5/2011The Zephyr Restaurant
2/13/2011The Des Plaines Post Office (1930)
2/19/2011The 1941 Des Plaines Post Office and Murals
2/27/2011New Deal Art in Des Plaines Schools
3/6/2011The Sugar Bowl, Since 1921
3/13/2011The Edward A. Manuel House
3/20/2011Old West School
3/27/2011The First Des Plaines Library
4/3/2011The Des Plaines Community Bandstand
4/10/2011T-Bob's Smoked Bar-B-Q
4/17/2011The First Congregational Church and Masonic Lodge (1872)
4/24/2011The Green Downtown
5/1/2011The First Congregational Church
5/8/2011Postcards of Des Plaines
5/15/2011Northwestern Hospital in Des Plaines
5/22/2011The Des Plaines Depot
5/31/2011The Downtown Jewel
6/6/2011Taking a Dip at Rand Park
6/14/2011A New Stage for Downtown
6/19/2011Two Buildings on Ellinwood
6/27/2011The Pyramid Downtown
7/4/2011Fireworks of Past Years
7/24/2011The Old Days of Gambling in the Northwest Suburbs
9/10/2011Memorial Service for History Center Director to Celebrate Legacy of Service
10/13/2011Historic Sim’s Bowl Demolished, but Not Forgotten
11/16/2011Des Plaines Snapshots: Downtown
11/17/2011Des Plaines Snapshots: Schools
11/25/2011Des Plaines Snapshots: Parks
12/15/2011Des Plaines Snapshots: Places of Worship
1/4/2012Des Plaines Church Features Park Ridge Architect’s Signature Design
1/12/2012Remembering Old Central School and Other Des Plaines Schools
1/18/2012Is this Des Plaines or Miami Beach?
1/26/2012Remembering Lost Houses of Des Plaines
2/8/2012Southeast Corner of Lee and Ellinwood Streets Reborn with Library Plaza
2/8/2012View of Lee Street at Ellinwood Street Changed Little in 70 Years
2/13/2012It Was Coldstone Creamery; Now What?
2/15/2012Airport, Expressway Caused Overnight Changes for Des Plaines Hospitality Businesses
2/22/2012House Survived Transformation of Graceland Avenue from Sleepy Street to Condo Country
3/1/2012Des Plaines of Yesterday Recognizable on Miner Street after 60 Years
3/7/2012Ellinwood, Pearson Streets Linked to Past with Banks
3/15/2012Log Cabin Inn Open Since End of Prohibition
3/21/2012Pearson Street House Featured Impressive Landscape Display
3/28/2012Picnics, Dancing Once Considered a Nuisance in Northwestern Park
4/4/2012Lattof YMCA Opened Doors in 1961 to 30K at Open House
4/12/2012Before Chicago Water, Des Plaines Drew Supply from Wells
4/18/2012Forest Elementary Was Expansion School, Now A Cornerstone of District 62
4/25/2012North Elementary School’s Legacy Stretches Back More Than 130 Years
5/2/2012Site of New Higgins, Mannheim Development has Hospitality History
5/14/2012Former Gardening Center Grows into New Restaurant
5/16/2012Benjamin Electric Plant Gave Way to New Industry, Homes
5/23/2012Graphics Company Occupies Remnant of Riverview’s Past Identity
5/30/2012Old Maine High School Site now Home to Park
6/6/2012Methodist Camp Ground Pool’s Musical Background
6/13/2012Italian Restaurant Leaves Behind Oldest Building on Ellinwood
6/21/2012Maryville's Villa Mansion Witnessed 115 Years of Change
6/21/2012Maryville Focus Shifted After 1899 Fire
6/21/2012Post-War Maryville Faced 'Sink or Swim' More Than Once
6/27/2012Classic Drive-in Resurfaces on Rand Road
7/4/2012Des Plaines Independence Day Parades Past and Present
7/11/2012New Luxury Car Dealership Set to Open on Rand Road
8/8/2012Des Plaines Had Hot Days, Arabian Nights at Oasis Drive-In
8/22/2012Shagbark Lake's Legacy of Early Brick Industry
9/5/2012River Road's Izaak Walton League was Pioneer Home
9/19/2012Old Des Plaines Municipal Building Use Hotly Debated in 1974
10/10/2012Historic Lustron Home Recently Sold in Des Plaines
11/14/2012Hardware, Grocery Stores Preceded Mexico Restaurant in Downtown Des Plaines
11/28/2012Hair Salon, Yoga Studio, Frame Shop, Occupy Historic Paint Store
12/12/2012Phat Bao Temple Continues Diverse Spiritual Legacy
12/26/2012Des Plaines History Retrospective 2012